Rack serie 600-800

Precision, stability and flexible handling are important features for the use of the PCB Magazines in automated assembly lines.The stable and robust frame construction guarantees a long lasting use of the cab magazine in your production. The sidewalls are manufactured from conductive material.

For automatic assembly lines

Series 600 

The series 600 is cost effective alternative with a simple width adjustment. By backing off the four screw clamps the movable side panel can be pushed to the necessary PCB width.

Series 700 

Handling different PCB sizes the magazines have to be adjusted to the PCB width quite often. The PCB Magazines of the series 700 are adjusted to the necessary PCB width within seconds.

Series 800 

Increase process safety and optimize your production process by the automatic width adjustment of the cab magazines in unloaders. On request.

Material rack walls in three versions:

1. Series 60x.1, 70x.1, 80x.1:

Polystyrol for PCB temperature up to 60°C

2. Series 60x.2, 70x.2, 80x.2:

Polycarbonate for PCB temperature up to 130°C

3. Series 60x.3, 70x.3, 80x.3:

Metal for PCB temperature up to 200°C

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