In over a decade the company has grown up thanks to the highly knowledgeable and qualified team and also thanks to the high quality standards required by our customers. Another important factor is represented by investments aimed to the purchasing of state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology.

Our strong points

Small size labels

We are specialized in the realization of labels in small sizes, like diameter 3mm and 4,5×4,0mm, which are designed for the identification of the pcbs.

Raw material

The gained long-standing experience allows us to realize not only labels in paper, but also in plastic material, among which we can provide: polyester, flame retardant, removable, ESD, TNT, polyimide, acrylate, destructible, PVC.

The printing phase

The labels we realize can be printed in four-color process using the following printing techniques: flexography, typography, serigraphy. The used inks are tested in our laboratories and guarantee a high-level of covering surface, resistance to 300°C and to the most aggressive solvents.

These key factors allow us to be positioned as a successful converter in our operating field.

At the service of the customer

Each single request, that we receive, is taken on responsibility of the customer service FPE, which examines its feasibility from a technical point of view and eventually the most suitable solution is submitted to the customer, in order to satisfy his final application.

FPE always controls its performances, evaluates customer satisfaction and implements all the necessary measures to streamline internal processes.

FPE actively cooperates with its suppliers, in order to develop new materials and to suggest performing solutions, corresponding to the requirements of the customers.